School of Islamic Studies Talk Series - 10
From the Codex of Caliphate to the Codex of the Citizens: the Two Major Canonization Process in the 1st/7th Century
10.10.2019 15:00
YER : AB7-7301
School of Islamic Studies

Prof. Dr. Omar Hamdan
University of Tübingen

Dr. Omar Hamdan is a full professor and Chair of Qur’anic Exegesis at the Center for Islamic Theology at Tubingen University, Germany. He is also founding director of the center. He has completed his PhD at the same University in Arabic and Islamic Studies in 1995. Since then he has published extensively on the early Islamic history, specifically on the topic of collection of the Quran, development of its orthography and various readings. Title of some his works are: “Al-Hajjaj and the second Masahif-Project;” “Uthmanic orthography of the Qur’anic text: Some notes on the final Ya’ and final Alif;” “Comparing the Cairo edition of the Quran to three early hijazi-manuscripts.

The conference will be held in Arabic.