Philosophy Talks - 51
Is Technology a Form of Life?
10.12.2019 14:00
YER : Student Center, K101 Meeting Room
İstanbul Şehir University Department of Philosophy

Aydan Turanlı
İstanbul Technical University, Humanities and Social Sciences Department

Langdon Winner is one of the most important political scientists in our era and he primarily writes in the area of sociology and philosophy of technology. In several places in his writings, he is critical of social constructivist approach defended by science and technology studies. Instead of this approach, in his recent writings Winner offers the later Wittgensteinian view as an enlightening model in the analysis of technological investigations.
In this talk, Aydan Turanlı will discuss whether Winner’s proposal is effective in the inquiry of socio-technical issues. The first part focuses on Winner’s suggestion and the second part is the discussion whether it is an effective proposal.