Altın Koza Awards to the film "Servis" by Our Student Ramazan Kılıç
Ramazan Kılıç, the student in ŞEHİR Cinema and Television Department, got the "Best Narrative Film" award under the category of "National Student Films" in Adana Altın Koza Film Festival by his new short film "Servis".
​​​​​​Ramazan Kılıç, the senior student in İstanbul Şehir University College of Communications Cinema and Television Department, got award from 26th International Adana Altın Koza Film Festival. His new short film "Servis" was entitled to get the "Best Narrative Film" under the category of "National Student Films".

"Servis", directed by Ramazan Kılıç and shot in Kıbrıscık, Bolu, tells the struggle of a teacher working in the rural to make the system work better. 

The film, supported by T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Cinema General Directorate, emphasizes the leading role of woman in the society and tells its story in a sincere and emotional way. 

In the film, Ezgi Ay plays the part of teacher Nebahat, and Muttalip Müjdeci plays the part of inspector, who also played in "Sivas", "Albüm" and "Görülmüştür". Other than these two names, the cast of the film is of amateur actors living in Kıbrıscık.

The international premier of "Servis" will be in Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan, one of the most prestigious short film festivals.​