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Mehmet Genç graduated from Ankara University, the Faculty of Political Science, Department of Finance and Economics in 1958. Since 1983 Mehmet Genç has been lecturing in the history of economics and historical methodology at the Faculty of Letters, Marmara University. He taught postgraduate and doctorate courses in history and social sciences at Istanbul University between 1985 and 2002. Mehmet Genç was awarded a doctorate honors diploma in general sociology and methodology from Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters in 1996. He joined the staff at Istanbul Şehir University in 2010. Since 1973 Genç has attended many national and international seminars and meetings in Ottoman economic history. Many of his articles have been published in a number of journals in Turkish, English, French and Greek. An important selection of the articles are included in the work entitled State and Economy in the Ottoman Empire (Istanbul: Ötüken, 2000); this book was awarded the Fikir (Idea) Award by the Union of Turkish Writers in the year it was published. Together with Erol Özvar he has prepared a work entitled The Ottoman Treasury: Institutions and Budgets (Istanbul: The Ottoman Bank Archives and Research Center, 2006).

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University, ANKARA UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Political Sciences, 1958

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