Date : 17 March 2017 - Friday
Hour : 09:30
Location : İstanbul Şehir University

Student Symposium of The Department of Political Science and International Relations


Application deadline: February 21, 2017

Announcements for selected papers: March 9, 2017

Symposium date: March 17, 2017

Do you have research papers, which you want to publish or present, but you could not find a chance to do it? Now here is your chance! We, the students of the Department of Political Science and International Relations, are starting a Student Symposium. We are asking for your best papers. Papers can be on any topic within the discipline of Political Science and International Relations. Choose one of your best paper, which you valued and, prepared most and, written in English.  Papers will be evaluated by the editorial board, which includes Political Science and International Relations department’ professors. If your paper gets acceptance you will be presenting your paper at the Student Symposium. Junior and senior undergraduate students and master students of the Political Science and International Relations department are all welcomed! Research papers can be about any topic within the Political Science and International Relations discipline. Those who are studying at different departments but having minor or double majors at the Political Science and International Relations department can also apply with an interdisciplinary research paper, without being irrelevant to Political Science and International Relations’ issues.

The goal of this Student Symposium is to improve students’ presentation skills, allow them to explain their ideas, interact with other department students and professors within an academic environment. Student Symposium will provide us feedbacks from professors, and knowledge sharing on various subjects among students. We all do feel pressure whenever we see a presentation or academic research paper requirement in our course syllabuses. Sometimes random questions, which approached by professors, caught us when we are not ready. University can be one way to get rid of or moderate some of these difficulties. Those, who wish to pursue their graduate studies, think about your future master dissertation and T.A. duties, this departmental student symposium can really help you. Or those, who seek a career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, newspapers, think tanks, or any other international or governmental organizations an initial step of presenting your academic article, can be beneficial for your future plans. What can make this Student Symposium efficient is that its framework for us to stand up and present our articles. Since Political Science and International Relations students’ are all familiar to each other and since our departmental courses requires from us to write extreme amount research papers, then why not we are not using these as an opportunity? Check your pieces from your laptop, choose the best one you think and, send it to us. Lastly, you can choose to conduct your presentation either in English or Turkish. However, presentations in English are preferred in order to create a common discussion environment for all.


1. Minimum 3000 words (without the reference list).
2. Please add an abstract at the beginning of your papers.
3. Add key terms below the abstract.
4. Add page numbers.
5. There is no required font style.
6. There has to be a reference list at the end of your paper. You can choose Chicago (if you chose Chicago type you still need to add a reference list apart from footnotes) or APA style.
7. Papers must be written in English.

Eligibility for application:

Undergraduate (junior and senior year students) and master students of the department of Political Science and International Relations. Students, who are holding minor and double majors at Political Science and International Relations department, are also eligible for application.

Please send your paper to this email address: